Does Posture Corrector Braces Work?

How many times you would have observed people whose postures are awkwardly different than usual. Their neck is either lowered when they walk or their shoulders are bent or they have an entire bad posture which could be truly because of many reasons. Stress, self-consciousness, back pain or stiffness or any other ridiculed issues. What I mean to say is the bad posture is really embarrassing and should be embraced with different measures in order to correct them.

Does posture corrector braces work?

How many times you would have observed people whose postures are awkwardly different than usual. Their neck is either lowered when they walk or their shoulders are bent or they have an entire bad posture which could be truly because of many reasons. Stress, self-consciousness, back pain or stiffness or any other ridiculed issues. What I mean to say is the bad posture is really embarrassing and should be embraced with different measures in order to correct them.

Posture corrector braces are quite a thing now-a-days, evolving from various parts of the world, helping people to correct their postures. These are available all across the globe but are certainly limited to use for everyone due to lack of exposure and the frequency in which they are used. The posture corrector braces are available for both men and women and are available for different parts of the body based on which part you want to correct.  

First of all we should need to analyze and find out why the bad postures actually occur. Then throughout the article, I will give you some natural remedies to resolve the bad postures and also walk you through whether the posture corrector braces work or not.

Reasons for bad postures:

There are various reasons for bad postures ranging from different heights to the various professions they do. Basically, the muscle imbalances in the body leads to bad posture throughout. When you behave in an unusual manner for longer time, the body tends to fit into that position and before you can actually notice it, your body has already shaped in that posture.

We will list down all the possible common reasons that lead to bad posture and affect your body adversely. I hope you can easily connect them to. Check them out and let us know in the comments if you really face them in your daily life.

  • Sitting in a lazy or drooped way in a chair
  • Sticking your bottom out
  • Putting pressure one side of leg while standing
  • Hunched back and texting neck
  • Poking your chain
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Standing with a flat back
  • Cradling your phone
  • Sleeping by keeping your hand in between pillow and your head

Allow us to walk you through in details for these reasons.

1) Sitting in a lazy or drooped way in a chair

Now we all agree that most of the offices available around the world have different kind of chairs which are ergonomically designed such that the employee’s don’t feel uncomfortable while sitting on them/ Though the designs of these chairs are almost perfect, it is quite a human tendency that we change the chair’s position as we need.

Sitting in a lazy or drooped way in a chair is one of the most common behavior’s that is ought to be happened by many of us while staring at our computer screen or the TV or even in the theater watching a movie. This definitely affects your lower back body parts affecting your soft tissues.

You should definitely get an habit of changing to sit in this position, as it embarks your buttock muscle and lower back muscle causing you pain.

2) Sticking your bottom out

Now this one would be quite common in many people especially women. Wearing high heels or carrying heavy weight around the stomach or even during pregnancy, the bottom is sticking out and makes the other half of your body to stand differently. Basically, the term used in medical science to define this this issue which causes the pain in muscles is hyper lordosis. Also termed as this posture to be “Donald Duck” posture, you definitely want that to happen. Do you?

3) Putting pressure one side of leg while standing:

You are in a public place or standing in a queue for longer time to grab something to eat or for any possible reason, it happens many a times that unintentionally you try to put all of your weight of body on one side of your leg. It also means that you tend to lean all of your body weight on one side of hip and lower back.

This creates the muscle imbalances around the pelvis area and cause muscular pains in the lower back and buttocks area.

4) Hunched back and texting neck:

Now how many times have you seen people walking and using their mobile for texting making their shoulders turn round and neck bent towards mobile? Haven’t you tend to move towards the computer screen dragging your chair, sitting only half of it, raising your shoulders and typing through the keyboard? These all relate to hunched back and texting neck which causes imbalances on your upper back and neck.

They make those muscles rigid and tend not to retain when you want to perform other kind of works.

5) Poking your chin:

Similar to the above mentioned reason, the poking your chin is the common imbalance that happens between your face, neck and upper back when you tend to watch at the screen which is smaller in size and is not adjusted at proper viewing angle. It can also be caused when you are sitting too low, a hunching back or even the combination of all above.

6) Rounded Shoulders:

Rounded shoulders are formed because of poor posture habits where in you tend to concentrate much of your chest exercising habits and forget about the upper back. This rounded shoulders can be easily identified by standing just in front of the mirror and let the arms hang naturally by your sides.

If the knuckles face forward, it may indicate that you have a tight chest and a weak upper back, giving you the appearance of rounded shoulders.

7) Standing with a flat back:

You might argue with me aren’t we supposed to stand with a flat back? Naturally! Yes, you’re supposed to stand with a flat back but that also means, the rest of your body parts should be intact with them. A flat back actually means the position in which you tend to lean your neck and head forward, which might directly impact your neck and cause upper back strain.

People with flat back often face difficulties to stand for longer period of time and rely upon some braces to hold the neck and head together.

8) Cradling your phone:

This is the one which many of you can co-relate to right? Tele agents, Stock brokers are given headphones with mic to wear to find a proper balance in their posture. Not only this common people also tend to spend enough time talking to their closed ones with phone on one side of ear and performing other works simultaneously

The soft tissues and muscles between the ear and shoulders area are not capable of holding this position for longer time and hence when you hold the phone for longer time, you naturally feel strain on that side.

9) Sleeping by keeping your hand in between pillow and head:

Now this might not be directly a body posture, but yes it affects your body partially. See the best posture while sleeping is keeping your arms beside your body or on your chest, your back sitting straight on the bed and your legs in straight position. This is an ideal position but many cannot actually be comfortable or get sleep in this position which is understandable.

When you keep your hands in between the pillow and your head, and tend to go asleep, then naturally all of your head weight falls on that little hands and when you wake up next morning, you face heavy pain in your hands. If you’re following this practice commonly, then its time you leave it.

Natural Remedies to resolve the bad postures:

Above mentioned bad postures will affect you definitely directly or indirectly, immediately or slowly, but for sure they will. Now that you have realized what wrong you’re doing with your body postures in your day to day life, it is quite important to rectify them. These natural remedies mentioned below are some easy and cheap techniques that can resolve the bad posture issues

1) Chest Stretches:

To resolve all the bad posture problems related to upper back and chest, the chest stretches are one of those quite important techniques.

Chest stretches allow your whole upper body squeeze up and let those muscles which are stiff and rigid, to loose down a bit. These chest stretches makes your muscle work and control the bad body postures.

2) Planks:

The bad postures related to whole body starting from neck till the bottom of your legs, can be resolved by performing planks daily for 2-3 minutes. Planks are simple form of exercise in which you let your body weight to be hold by your legs and hands, thereby keeping them intact and perfectly straight.

With practice, you can easily go up to 4-5 minutes a day.

For the issues related with cradling your phone, it is advised that your direction of holding phone once in every ten minutes. This makes the balance between both sides of the neck and hence you may not feel much of the pain overall.

Posture corrector braces work?

Now before getting to a conclusion that does posture corrector braces work for you or not? I also want to stress upon the fact that why you actually need a posture corrector braces.

There are basically two reasons why bad posture affects you? One is having a bad posture when you walk or sit or attend any kind of interview, is that it naturally makes you little less confident, makes you lazy easily, you do not tend to show interest in any of the works that demand you to go out.

Secondly, the bad posture reduces the amount of oxygen intake your body can actually take thereby affecting you indirectly. Hence you may also health consequences.

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Now coming to the reason why do you need posture corrector braces?

One reason is to resolve the above problems that come along with a bad posture. Another reason is that these bad postures can easily be resolved by following the natural remedies which we mentioned earlier. However, in your busy schedule, you may not actually define some time to work out on those simple exercises or you may lack motivation to do so.

Now that I have mentioned why do you posture corrector braces, let me embrace you that these posture corrector braces work definitely to correct all of your bad postures.

  • They are designed in such a way that they can heal the muscles or the soft tissues that were impacted because of the regular following of bad postures.
  • They are made for different body parts, so you have the choice to select based on your tendency that which part of your body has a bad posture.
  • Unlike all other artificial instruments, you don’t have to wear them for longer time. Instead you can wear it for shorter intervals of time but regularly.
  • They heal and retrieve the stiff muscles much faster than compared to the natural exercise remedies can do.
  • As they say, when you tend to do a work continuously for longer time, you become expert in that. Same follows with our body as well, when you make your body to fit in a particular posture, it becomes the same after that.

Final Thoughts:

Bad postures are not at all good for any person, they tend to make the person less confident, and they de-motivate a person when their friends tease them because of the way they look. Bad postures can definitely be caused because of various reasons which could be related to every day work you do at your home, college or at your office.

Posture corrector braces are exactly that one thing you want so as to correct your bad postures. They are increasingly getting popular and hence are available from different vendors. They offer materials which are not actually harsh to your skin and help you use them for longer time. Posture correctors are definitely for those who are serious to change their existing bad body postures.

Have you been already using posture corrector braces? What is your experience with them? Let us know in comments section below.


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