What are Posture Correctors and Why Do You Need Them?

A posture corrector or a posture brace is a wearable garment that provides support to the spine, shoulders, back, and neck. Wearing a posture corrector helps in maintaining a natural and healthy posture whether you are sitting, standing, running, or walking.

Often, people begin with sitting or walking in a good posture, but when they get tired they assume a slouched or hunched over position that can be harmful in the long run. With a posture corrector, this problem can be remedied and over time, one can learn to naturally assume a better posture.

Posture correctors force a wearer’s shoulders back in a more natural position for a proper posture. With time, the muscles of the body re-learn the correct posture can it can help a person in getting rid of pain and discomfort that comes with a bad posture(2).

A posture corrector can be worn under your clothes as a reminder to maintain good posture. You can also say that it is a correctional aid that can help you to keep your posture in a natural position whether you are sitting or standing for long hours at a time. People who have suffered from back or shoulder injuries can also benefit from posture correctors but they should only wear these after consulting their physician.

Types of Posture Correctors

There are different types of posture correctors available in the market and you can choose from these depending on your requirements. Here are some broad types of posture correctors that you can buy online(3).

1. Standard Braces

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These are made from nylon straps that converge on the middle of your back and help to retract your shoulders and thus leading to a better posture.

2. Posture Shirts

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These shirts look like any other shirt, but these have inner elastics that work to keep certain muscles in better form for a correct posture. These shirts are often made from elastic and you can buy these in a range of colors, sizes, and designs.

3. Posture Bras

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These bras are especially useful for women who suffer from back pain and shoulder pain because of bust related issues. These bras are designed to be worn under clothing and their minimal design makes them ideal for daily use.

4. Support Belts

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These belts can be worn around the waist to give you a better posture while sitting or standing.

5. Shoulder Straps

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If you have had an injury in a shoulder and you want to keep it in the right position, a shoulder strap might be recommended to you by your physician. A shoulder strap can be used in combination with other types of braces to maintain a good posture.

Adverse Effects of Bad Posture

Often, many people wonder if they really need a posture corrector. While you can strengthen your back and shoulder muscles with regular exercise, having an external aid can help you to correct your posture every time you start to slump or hunch over. Here are some more reasons why a bad posture is harmful for your health:

– A hunched over posture makes you appear less confident and it can even make you look uninterested and unfriendly when you’re meeting people.

– When you slump while sitting(4), your lung capacity reduces by as much as 30% and this can have an adverse effect on your heart and vascular system.

– Most people who work at the desk and have long sitting hours suffer from neck pain or pain in shoulders because of improper posture.

– A hunched over posture can also cause tiredness and fatigue that can cause a lapse in your concentration and focus. It is important for anyone doing work while sitting to maintain their focus by sitting in a correct and natural posture.

– Bad posture can also lead to digestive problems as a slouched sitting position puts more pressure on the digestive tract and it can also lead to heart palpitations. (5)

Here’s How a Posture Corrector Brace Can Help You To Maintain Good Posture.

  • Choose a posture corrector brace that is ideal for your body type. You can choose from a full back posture corrector or a half-back posture corrector. There are posture correctors made from different types of materials and you should choose one that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Wear the posture corrector brace for 10-15 minutes initially and once you get used to it, you can wear it for longer periods of time.
  • The posture corrector pulls your muscles in the natural position every time you start to slouch or bend forward in an unnatural position while sitting or standing.
  • You can adjust the straps as per your comfort level to correct the alignment of your shoulders and provide support to your back as well.
  • Regularly wearing a posture corrector helps to align your spine and muscles that can alleviate muscles pains and prevent spinal problems in the long run.

Benefits of Wearing A Posture Corrector

If you are working in a job where you have to sit or stand for long duration of time, you might have adopted a bad posture without even realizing it. When body’s muscles remain in a position for a long time, the natural tendency becomes to come back to that position again.

This can be detrimental in the long run as you might develop back pain, neck pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome if you type a lot. A posture corrector is the ideal solutions to all these issues and much more. Wearing a posture corrector for only 10-15 minutes at a time during your day can help you to get into the habit of assuming a better posture over time. Here are some ways in which posture correctors can help:

  • Pain Relief – Bad posture can lead to pain in the shoulders, neck, spine and even headaches. With correct posture, you can find relief from such pain over time.
  • Better Focus – When you sit in a natural posture, you are able to pay more attention to the task at hand instead of changing your sitting position to a comfortable one.
  • Less Fatigue – Improper posture while sitting or standing can tire you out very quickly. But with good posture you can stand or sit for long hours without feeling tired.
  • Improved Spinal Health – The health of your spine depends on how it’s positioned throughout your day. If you’re hunched or slouched, it puts more stress on your spine that can lead to spinal pain in the long run. With correct posture, you can ensure your spine remains in good health over the years.

Things To Take Care of While Wearing A Posture Brace

While these days it is easy to buy a posture brace online, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before buying one.

  • Consult Your Physician – Make sure you talk to your physician about your posture and get a thorough examination done before you invest in a posture corrector. Your physician can suggest you the type of posture corrector that will be best suited for your body type and your posture.
  • Don’t Wear The Posture Corrector for Long – Initially, you should wear a posture corrector for ten to fifteen minutes and once you get used to it you should wear it a maximum for half to one hour per day. As always, you can consult your physician regarding the times you should wear the posture braces or correctors.
  • Choose A Comfortable Material – As you’ll be wearing the posture corrector often, it is best to choose a material that you’re most comfortable wearing. Also, make sure it does not irritate your skin or it’s so tight that it stops blood circulation.
  • Use a Posture Corrector as a Guide – A posture corrector is not the final solution to a bad posture, it is and it should be used a guide to maintaining a better posture. Even while wearing a posture corrector, you should keep in mind that your final goal is to maintain a better posture without a corrective brace.

FAQs about Posture Correctors

Users often have questions about posture correctors, here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Q1. Can I wear a posture corrector under my clothing?

Ans. Absolutely. Most posture correctors are designed to be worn under clothing and these braces also have minimal designs so that it doesn’t show when you’re wearing one.

Q2. How soon does the posture corrector start to show effect?

Ans. The effect of posture corrector varies from person to person. It all depends on how much attention you give to your posture while sitting, standing, or walking.

Q3. I work while standing for most of my day. Which posture corrector should I get?

Ans. If you’re thinking about getting a posture corrector, it is best to consult your physician who will be better able to suggest the posture corrector that will be ideal for your body type.

Q4. Can I wear my posture corrector while sleeping?

Ans. No. A posture corrector works best for sitting or standing positions as these positions put more stress on the spine. While you’re sleeping, your spine is in a relaxed position so wearing a posture corrector might do more harm than any good.

Q5. Do I need another person’s help for putting on a posture corrector?

Ans. Most posture correctors are designed to be put on by yourself and in very rare cases you might need help from another person to put one on comfortably.


As there are different types of posture correctors available in the market, it is the best idea to talk to your physician before buying one. Once you have your physician’s recommendation, you can look for a posture corrector that is best suited for your needs and requirements. A posture corrector can help you in maintaining good posture and teach your muscles how to retain that posture so that with time you can sit or stand in a good posture without the need of a corrector.




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